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How the service works
  • We will then arrange a time to visit at your convenience

  • The first hour of the support we provide is charged at £55

  • Subsequent hours are charged at £40/hour

  • If you wish, following the first meeting, we are able to set up remote support for £35/hour which means that we can help you more quickly by telephone (we set up a password protected remote connection to your computer or laptop which can only be accessed with your prior permission for each connection). 

  • We can also offer group meetings/training if you are able to arrange for three or more participants to be together at the same time (charges quoted on case by case basis)

  • We work with all types of computers, laptops, mobile phones and many other types of technology.

Please note that our service is intended for men, women, young and old, beginners or advanced - essentially, anyone who needs a helping hand with technology!

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